7 Top Reasons Why A Boy Can Be Girl’s Best Friend

7 Reasons Why A Boy Can Be Girl's Best Friend

In today’s time when everyone is busy with their schedule and priorities, a true friend can be the greatest treasure with whom you can discuss anything and everything. It is hard to believe but a boy and a girl can be best friends. The sensibility and understanding both of the friends┬áhave is beyond anything. And trust me this is one of the purest bonds on this earth. Here are the reasons ‘Why a boy can be girl’s best friend.’

1. The boy has proved his friendship:

It is always hard for a girl to trust a man. The guy has to prove and show multiple times about his fellowship than only a girl calls him as her ‘Best Friend’. This creates a believe that he will never break her trust, which is the pillar of any relationship. Consequently, the relationship possessed is priceless.

The boy has proved his friendship

2. The boy can keep secrets:

It is humorous to say this but girls have the habit of sharing and discussing everything as they can’t hide anything. A girl’s secret is safe with boys. Boys can digest and keep ‘the secret as secret‘. Unlike girls, boys don’t disclose anything if they are asked to keep it hidden which makes them unique in all sense.

3. Unbiased friendship:

The boy is free from the feeling of partiality, jealousy or envy. So he never misguides any girl and his suggestion is always neutral and is based on reality, facts & figures and make his friendship move to next level of understanding.

4. Cares like a brother:

The boy has seen this world and knows what is right and what is wrong for his friend. He truly cares for her like an elder brother. He scolds her, appreciate her and tease her.

5. Well-wisher and extremely supportive:

The boy is always there to help and support his friend at any point. He always wishes for girl’s wellness. He always stands by her side, cares for her.

6. Far better than having a so called ‘boyfriend’:

She may regret her relation but never regrets her friendship. The empathy a boy possess for his girl best friend is beyond everything. He knows how to protect the lady from this world. She can express her thoughts, views fearlessly with her friend. A boy best friend will keep you updated and can enhance your relationship.

Far better than having a so called 'boyfriend'

7. They can stand girl’s ‘DRAMA’:

Yes, the drama queen has someone to tolerate the foolish talks and suggest her for improvement. Boys are the stress buster.

To Sum-Up: The level of sensibility, understanding and love shared between is a boy and a girl is unimaginable. They can be friends, true friends, best friends and can have the strongest bond ­čÖé

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