Top 7 Characteristics of A ‘Dumb Boyfriend’


A dumb boyfriend is not the one who loves her girl ceaselessly but he is the one who looses all his conscious and individuality for the sake of his relationship.

Here are the top 7 ways to check this out

1. The Ultimate Banker

A dumb boyfriend is an ultimate bank for his girlfriend. He is always keen to pay the mobile, shopping and restaurant bills of his companion.

2. Gets Job of a Driver

It is a fact that the boy is always ready to pick and drop his better half from anywhere to anywhere at any time after a single call from his lady and waits for endless hours like a cab driver.


3.He never sees any other women

Unlike other boys, a dumb boyfriend will never look at other women. He is ‘One Woman Man’.

4. Lose all sense of intelligence

The boy never thinks about his career, life, family, friends. His thoughts always revolve around ‘Where we should go for an outing together?’, ‘What gift shall I give her?’etc.

5. Changes his Personality

The belief of ‘I am the only one in her life’ changes the personality, attitude, aspiration and individuality for a man. His eating choice, color choice, clothing choice all resolves around his partner.

6. He actually ‘falls’ in love

The girl may not be made for the boy but the quote of ‘Love is Blind’ is made for the boy. He falls down and down in every term like respect in society, career. The real image of the boy vanishes.

7. His life is unmanageable

The only notion revolving in the mind of a dumb boyfriend is his girlfriend. He is not able to prioritize the people and the events in his life. He is not able to manage his funds. His companion is the only responsibility for him.



Girls don’t love such kind of boys; they only use them. They are intelligent enough to judge who can be there as anytime service. A real girlfriend will find her respect in his partner’s respect and will walk hand in hand with him. When you give respect to your companion, your relation lasts longer. Space in every relation is not everything but it is an integral part of any bond too.

37 thoughts on “Top 7 Characteristics of A ‘Dumb Boyfriend’

  1. What if all these characteristics are there in one guy with the sense of responsibility towards his career and future lifestyle at the same time?

    1. Haha haha.. even I was thinking the same. This kind of looks like a perfect boyfriend then= Responsible ÷ caring + trustworthy + driver + banker + funny etc. What’s say Akshay?

  2. So true, especially the Learning, Space is needed :-). I’ll appreciate if you write again but this time on ” Dumb Girlfriend”. ;-P

  3. THE ULTIMATE BANKER: he might be good in financial status
    GETS JOB OF A DRIVER: he love driving
    LOSE ALL SENSE OF INTELLIGENCE: Falling in love is easy. Falling in love with the same person repeatedly is extraordinary.
    CHANGES HIS PERSONALITY : might be improving himself
    HE ACTUALLY FALLS IN LOVE: Love is like a hole; once you fall in, it’s hard to get out.

          1. yup,i also have seen my friends go through all this but you have to choose one way bro either OPPOSE or FAVOR.
            “You Cant be Neutral on a Moving Train”.

    1. What if his financial condition is not good and he is spending the hard earned money on her girlfriend.
      He never takes her mother for drive.
      His intelligence is questioned when he is unable to focus on his career.
      It deteriorates his personality.

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