How Social Media Is Important For Youth In Relationships?

How Social Media Is Important For Youth In Relationships

Social Media being an integral part of everyday life of any human is now helping couples to keep and nurture healthy relationship these days.

It is not wrong to say unlike businesses, agencies, and companies, relationships are being promoted and advertised using Social Media.

The days are gone when people were struggling to see the face of their lovers when distance was the major hindrance in any relationship when writing letter was the only way to communicate. Relationships of any kind whether it is of child-parents, girlfriend-boyfriend are being retained using social media. It has reduced the gap of being apart and separate from your loved ones.

Let’s elaborate how Social Media is helping youth in keeping a hearty relationship.


The biggest and the widest social media platform is trending in relationships too. A simple internet connection has minimized the cost of messaging or chatting and disparted distances. Few couples also upload their ‘cute’ images and videos to keep their everlasting memories safe and secure.



Snapchat has a major audience of teenagers and youth. This platform is more likely to be used by couples who share every activity with their partners. It is more lively and this allows the pair to feel connected every time.



Though Whatsapp is not a social media platform but it has terribly occupied the segment of relationships. Every couple is engrossed in using Whatsapp. The emoticons and video calling feature are helping couples to share their emotions and feelings using this.

There are other platforms of Social Media like Instagram, Twitter but the above mentioned are the best for today’s youth.



It is an inevitable truth that social media is an integral part of today’s lifestyle. Its benefits are unquestionable but the fact is beyond this. People are losing the essence of communication. The hardship to maintain and keep a relationship is bound to social media. Couples are more comfortable in chatting rather than meeting. They are least bothered about the likings and dislikings of his/her partner but are more conscious about the so-called ‘social image’ of his/her companion. Love, attraction, emotions, behavior, jealousy, compatibility, fights, anger are secondary for the youngsters.

Everyone should understand the actual meaning of a happy relation and should meet, discuss and understand each other for a smooth and fruitful bond.


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