9 Phases Of Break Up Cycle – The Vicious Circle for Girls

9 Phases Of Break Up Cycle – The Vicious Circle for Girls

Break up in a relationship is equally painful like any physical harm. It is an emotional collapse which smashes both the companions completely. It is a stage when the heart sob tediously as no one wants to stay apart from their darlings. It not only effects anyone mentally but also the lifestyle is totally transformed. Women being emotionally weak and fragile get influenced the most in this kind of situation. They become the victim of a vicious circle of break up.

Below are the common phases after break up of any girl:

Phase 1:

The girl is in complete shock. She starts to blame herself for all the wrong deeds happened to her. She begins to find flaws and curse herself for being in a relationship and loving someone endlessly. She questions herself for everything she did for her partner.

Phase 2:

It is a continuous series of events which adversely affects the eating habits, dressing sense, health and thinking the ability of a girl. Her night goes without sleep. She speaks to her friends and cousins to get consoled.

Phase 3:

Even after all this trauma and all the judgment of what is right and wrong, she still wants to be with that person and make numerous attempts to keep everything like before.

Phase 4:

If this works, she gets back in a relationship with that person and if this doesn’t work, she takes a difficult decision to ‘MOVE ON’.

Phase 5:

She starts hanging out, become hotter, work on her bad habits and does everything she wishes to do.

Phase 6:

After all the transformation she is now the center of attraction. Men get attracted towards her charm and beauty.

Phase 7:

She gets lots of proposals. Thinking to reject all of them by specifying the reason of her past relation she refuses them.

Phase 8:

At least one from all those men is able to convenience her for having a relationship again. The girl again with lots of question, fear and thoughts in her mind say ‘YES’

Phase 9:

After some time, they also break apart (reasons can be many) and the girl is back at the first phase of break-up cycle.


As the famous quote, ‘The show must go on’ says life never stops for anyone, one should move ahead in life regardless of his past, present or future. People should not be judgmental in terms of number of boyfriends a girl had in her life. She might not be lucky in love and that does not mean she is characterless or slut.

One should respect the feelings of girls and not enchain her on grounds of tradition, rituals or society.


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