7 Common Complaints Of Girls In Long Term Relationship


Girls are self-centered and always wants her boyfriend to think of her. They want her partner to keep them happy through the means of gifts, all time service and much more. Here are the top 7 most common complaints a girl makes in a long term relation.

You are changed

This is the most frequent and ordinary complaint that a girl makes to his guy. After spending 2-3 years in a relationship a girl starts feeling unwanted, lonely and less loved. She fails to understand that it is not a change, it is a necessity. Both of the partners get more compatible and habitual of each other’s activity and this can’t be negatively denoted.

You don’t say ‘I LOVE YOU’ anymore

This is a fact, the more time you spend with your partner; the less you will say ‘I love you’. It is not the end of the love but it is an essence of your true, strong and loyal bond with your partner. Expressing love all the time, may not be his cup of tea but it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love you.

You don’t communicate the way you used to

This is the truth, a girl loves a boy more after spending time with him while a boy starts judging the girl to decide about their common future. He may think of all relevant aspect for a perfect life together and this may change his behavior for some time.

You don’t understand me

The habit of girls to compare her relationship with others or with her own experience in the initial years is an ordinary activity which slowly generates negativity in the relation. The understanding level is all same; we just need to eradicate the thought of not being understood.

You don’t have time for me

Girls hate when a boy focusses on himself rather than her. A girl always wants her boyfriend to think about her all the time, miss her all the time and in case he fails to do so, regular fights are the consequence with a taunt of ‘YOU DON’T HAVE TIME FOR ME’.

You don’t take me for an outing

‘We used to go out every week but now you are not willing is spend time with me’ is a regular complaint made by the girl. We don’t hang out together anymore. Yes, it is very difficult to satisfy a girl.

You don’t intimate with me like before

According to girls, intimacy, which is required to maintain the same level of interest might be missing from boy’s side. Boy’s have the habit of dismissing the emotions of girls, which can create a stress in women.


Girls have the habit of comparing their past with their present which directly or indirectly impacts the relationship. Boys may change but those changes are necessary. He might be thinking to have a common future with you so please be with him like a true companion and help him to achieve his goals and a better-living standard.


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  1. I like your views. Very straight to the point and true. While I feel that this topic is one that could be extended out forever and forever, the basis is always the same, much of what you touched on here. Great Job! Keep the post coming!

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